Manipulator with Suction

Recreational cup gripping integrated with pneumatic manipulators ATIS really have many applications in various fields .
Many and various are the products that can be lifted and moved with this type of pneumatic equipment . From the wreckage of the boxes , from glass plates to bottles and much more ...
Recreational suction cup can have different structures : a single suction cup windiest depending on the size of the product. The frame that supports the cups will be studied in the foreground keeping your requests. May be adjustable in various sizes to be able to handle products of different shape and size . Can rotate the product , tilt , or if necessary even fold . Both the rotation that the inclination can be manual and / or pneumatic . The rotation can also be 360 ​​° continuous .
All equipment grip applied to our pneumatic manipulators are studied by analyzing them in detail and are equipped with all the best security systems available on the market .