ATISferax  manipulators with vertical lever movement allow the handling of loads in any direction without ties, with extreme ease and precision.

We are talking about manipulators of extraordinary agility: they have very little inertia by moving, which results in the reduction of working times and of physical effort by the operator.

ATISferax  is a manipulator unique in its kind, one of many new machines and innovations that ATIS offers in this field:

  • It was created  from our experience
  • It was created from the desire to propose even better solutions  to our customers
  • It was created by a continuous research and desire to offer technically and prestigiously more efficient prototypes  

ATISferax  manipulators can be integrated with personalized gripping devices and structured according to specific needs. Such devices can be equipped with manual or pneumatic movement units that can be necessary to cover the handling cycle.

They are available in the following configurations: column mounted, overhead fixed or overhead rail mounted.

At a glance:

  • lever vertical movement
  • extraordinary agility
  • very little inertia