ATISacer  are swivel rigid arm manipulators with a double rope guided vertical movement that allows the handling of loads in any direction without twisting the wires, with extreme ease and precision.

They can be integrated with personalized gripping devices , studied and developed according to specific needs. They can be equipped with manual or pneumatic movement units, needed to perform any working cycle.

ATISacer manipulators are appropriately sized depending on the load , the work range and the needed tools; they allow the gripping of loads with extreme ease, following the operator in each movement.

Each machine in ATIS is unique  and it is developed according to our company’s philosophy. ATIS, in fact, customizes its products following customer’s requests, by developing the gripping solutions not only according to the characteristics of the product to be handled, but also keeping in mind the operator’s needs.

The rope-guided ATISacer manipulators are available in the following configurations: column mounted fixed to the floor, column mounted with self standing base-plate, overhead fixed or overhead on rails.

The manipulator works with 5-7 bar compressed air.

At a glance:

  • vertical movement unit
  • appropriately sized according to the load
  • each machine is unique