ATISmirus is a rigid articulated arm manipulator with a parallelogram structure capable of vertical movements, this allows the handling of products, even offset loads, as if they where weightless with extreme precision.

These manipulators can be integrated with customized gripping solutions especially studied and developed to meet any request.

The gripping tools can be equipped with manual or pneumatic movements to comply with the most difficult handling requests.

Especially dimensioned according to the performances requested and also depending on the gripping solution applied, ATISmirus can easily move loads relieving the operator from most of the effort and in a very natural way as well.

The handiness and functionality of the system is obtained by taking into account during the design phase all the operator's needs, considered as the essential starting point of all development stages.

ATISmirus is available in the following configurations : column mounted fixed to the floor, column mounted on self standing base plate, fixed overhead or overhead on rails.

The manipulator doesn't need electricity to work but compressed air with a pressure between 5 and 7 bar. This simplifies considerably the installation phase, reducing the operations needed for setting up utilities in the working area.

At a glance:

  • parallelogram shaped vertical movement
  • moving even offset loads in any direction without constraints
  • does not need electrical power but only compressed air at 5-7 bar
  • makes the product almost weightless