Safe Working

ATIS focuses on quality and safety at work, designing and manufacturing pneumatic industrial manipulators of the last generation.

ATIS builds its manipulators following the latest law and rules, and keeping in mind the problems sometimes caused by the old manipulator systems.

Product security
Thirty years of experience in the field and an internal technical department always looking for more reliable and innovative handling solutions, allowed  ATIS to grow rapidly and be appreciated by all major companies worldwide.

All ATIS manipulators are subjected to rigorous tests as well in typical working conditions as in state of extreme use before being delivered to the customer, to verify their overall performance with wide margins of safety for the user.

Working security
ATIS manipulators are the most suitable, flexible and cost efficient available on the market, with the following aims:

  • Reduce the risks of accidents at work
  • Relieve employers from any liability penalties provided by law
  • Optimize at the same time the company needs in terms of productivity

The wide range of ATIS pneumatic manipulators can be used in any industry for moving heavy, bulky or dangerous components.
Through appropriate ergonomic gripping systems , designed from time to time for each specific requirement, the operator can handle loads with extreme precision without the use of handles or controls.
The operator, thanks to the balancing weightless system, can choose the most suitable way for him to lift, move and release the product in complete safety.

ATEX certification
ATIS manipulators can be used even in potentially explosive environments and can therefore be provided with the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC certification.